Welding gases

The Coregas range of welding gases and gas mixtures is designed to improve weld quality for most common applications

We manufacture a comprehensive range of high-quality welding gases in New Zealand & Australia, all of which are available to purchase directly from us or from one of the many Coregas distributors that can be found across the country. Whether you are looking for industrial-grade acetylene, CO2, hydrogen and oxygen, such as our Coregas 5/2 (93% argon, 5% CO2, 2% oxygen), we have what you need. All of our welding gas products are manufactured to strict specifications and come with a certificate of conformance.

For details of our inert and active shielding gases, designed to be used in MIG, TIG and MAG welding applications, and our oxygen/acetylene products for cutting applications, contact us now. We offer managed supply services for all of our welding gases or you can simply order what you need when you need it.

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  • Where can I buy welding gas?

    Customers with an account can purchase direct delivery from Coregas, or through our national channel network. You can also purchase welding gases through our service center partners. Click here for our store locator.

    Coregas account customers can choose their preferred method to place an order. Coregas offers online ordering via our website, or our New Zealand based customer service team as well as through email.

  • How is welding gas stored?

    In common with other compressed gases, the cylinders in which it is stored may explode if exposed to very high temperatures that cause the gas pressure to rise beyond the level of which the cylinders are designed to handle. Accordingly, welding gas cylinder tanks should be stored upright, in a well-ventilated storage area that is dry and cool.

  • How much is welding gas?

    For accurate pricing info, please get in touch to let us know what type of gases you would like to order, what cylinder sizes you wish to order and the total quantity of each gas that you anticipate ordering. Armed with this information, we can provide you with a firm quotation.

  • How long does a tank of welding gas last?

    In order to calculate how long a tank of welding gas will last, we would need to know the type of gas, the application for which it will be used and the flow rate of the equipment you will be using. We can then let you know exactly how long a specific size of tank should last under normal operating conditions.

  • What gas is used for welding?

    A wide variety of gases are used for welding. For TIG welding, inert gases such as argon mixtures (often with helium) are most commonly used while for MIG and MAG welding, there are several different argon mixtures with common components being oxygen, CO2, Helium or hydrogen. The specifics will depend on the application.

  • What gas should I used for MIG welding?

    For MIG welding, we offer several options depending on your requirements. Some of the top sellers include argon/CO2 and argon/CO2/oxygen mixtures. Pure argon is suitable for aluminium MIG welding but when used with steel, leads to a higher weld build-up and a less controlled arc.


More information about our welding and cutting gases

These brochures provide more detail on our welding and cutting gas ranges, plus the applications they're suitable for.