Laboratory and university

Over 20 years’ experience supplying a range of gases and equipment has built Coregas' knowledge and experience of the unique needs of laboratories and universities.

Our priority is to attain the highest levels of purity, consistency and traceability. Coupled with stringent cylinder preparation, this means you can be assured of the quality, maximum accuracy and stability of the gas.

Ultra-high purity gases, rare gases and custom prepared gas mixtures are all available, ensuring we can supply the right specialty gases whatever your application.

Our NATA-accredited and certified laboratory maintains strict quality control, assuring high quality and confidence in the gases you use. We pride ourselves on supplying products on short lead times while maintaining high levels of quality.

Gases for laboratories and universities

Below are just some of the gases and applications required by laboratories and universities, but it is not an exhaustive list. For specific purities and applications, call or email us regarding your specific requirement.

Ultra-high purity gases for analytical instrumentation

When ultra-high purity is key, Coregas can supply in purities up to 7.0 (99.99999%).

Typical gases include nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, instrument air and instrument acetylene are available for a range of uses and in a range of analytical instruments such as atomic emission spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs.

Rare gases too

Our range extends to the rarest of gases too, such as xenon, neon, krypton and other electronic gases.

Nitrogen for multiple applications

As an inert gas, nitrogen is useful for a huge range of laboratory applications. From use of liquid nitrogen as a cold trap, in NMR and in MRI instruments, to using the gaseous form for inerting, drying and packaging, Coregas can supply nitrogen in the purity and form required.

Gases for biological applications

Multiple biological applications make use of nitrogen, oxygen or carbon dioxide. For instance, liquid nitrogen is used for freezing and preservation of tissue, oxygen and carbon dioxide are used in incubators and bioreactors to promote growth of plants, animals or cell cultures.

Regulators and other equipment

We offer a range of specialty gas regulators and mixing panels to suit specific requirements. Our Engineering and Technical Services teams can also design, build and commission a complete supply system to suit your individual application.

For specialist advice regarding the right regulator, panel or supply system for your application, get in contact with one of our experts.