Laser gases

Coregas has a range of laser and assist gases to support your welding and cutting applications

Our range of high-quality laser gases includes a variety of premix gases, which are manufactured to precise specifications. We also manufacture and supply carbon dioxide, helium, oxygen and nitrogen gases, which are primarily used in shielding, cutting and blanketing/purging applications. Whichever type of laser gas you are interested in and wherever you are located, we can supply it to you in the quantities you require, at very competitive prices. We also manufacture a range of gases specifically designed for 3D printing applications.

Whether you need a large volume of laser cutting gas, a single oxygen cylinder for gas cutting or variable quantities of any other product from our range, you’ll find our supply and delivery services are the most efficient and reliable in New Zealand. For further information on any specific laser gas that we manufacture, please check the applicable product page or contact us at any time.

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  • Where can i buy laser gas?

    We sell laser gas products directly to customers across New Zealand and via our network of local depots

  • How is laser stored?

    For detailed storage instructions, please see the product safety data sheets for the gases you order. In general, all gas cylinders, whether for 3D printing, shielding, nitrogen cutting or any other application, should be kept in a cool, well ventilated storage space, at a fairly constant temperature.

  • How much is laser gas?

    Prices for individual gases and premixes are available on request: please call, email or fax us for full details. We will be happy to prepare a competitive quotation for your consideration and answer any questions you may have about our laser gas range.

  • How long does a cylinder of laser gas last?

    This will depend on the specific application and the equipment being used, as well as on the size of the tank. If you let us know the applicable flow rate and size of cylinders you wish to order, we can let you know roughly how long a single cylinder will last.

  • What gas is used for MIG welding?

    A variety of gases are used in MIG welding. Pure CO2 can be used but a mix of argon, CO2 and oxygen is often preferred. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the material you are welding: please call for specific advice if required.

  • What gas is used in laser

    Compressed helium, CO2, argon, neon, nitrogen, oxygen and xenon are commonly used. Some companies employ a nitrogen generator for laser cutting applications rather than ordering compressed gas but the initial investment and space required may make this an impractical option.

  • What is shielding gas?

    A shielding laser gas performs the same function in laser welding applications as shielding gases in MIG and TIG welding applications. Additionally, it also prevents a plasma cloud from forming in the area above the weld, improving laser penetration and subsequent weld quality.


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