Helium 4.6

Helium is inert and lighter than air. This industrial grade is available in a range of volumes either as a compressed gas or a cryogenic liquid


Helium 4.6 is used extensively as a shielding gas, resonator gas and for lifting blimps or aerostats. In cryogenic liquid format, liquid helium is often abbreviated to 'LHE'.


  • Used as a resonator gas in laser cutting
  • In the welding industry as an inert shielding gas for arc welding
  • Alongside helium leak detectors for checking leak tightness in pipelines
  • For lifting airships and blimps
Product Summary

Gas composition

  • Helium ≥ 99.996%


Moisture ≤ 5 ppm
Oxygen ≤ 5 ppm
Hydrocarbons as methane ≤ 1 ppm
Nitrogen ≤25 ppm

Compressed gas sizes

UN number: 1046

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Size Product code Volume / m³ Weight (full) / kg Pressure / kPa Outlet connection Availability
E 330123 4.2 33.74 20,000 Type 10 NZ wide
G 330150 9.1 20,000 Type 10 NZ wide
6-pack 330507 78.5 30,000 Type 10 / Type 51 NZ wide
12-pack 330514 157 30,000 Type 10 / Type 51 NZ wide

Cryogenic liquid sizes

UN number: 1963


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Additional Details

Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Odour Flammability
AppearanceColourless gas OdourOdourless FlammabilityNon flammable

Hazard class


Hazard symbol (GHS)

  • Non-flammable non-toxic gas 2.2
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