Size options

Our gases are available in a huge range of sizes, from small individual cylinders to huge bulk tanks storing gases in cryogenic liquid form

Coregas products are available in a range of sizes from single C-size cylinders to large bulk storage tanks designed to supply gas via reticulated gas lines direct into your application or throughout your site.

Typical cylinder sizes

Individual cylinders

Most gases in the Coregas range are available in individual cylinders in a range of sizes. The sizes available depend on the gas type.

With the exception of LPG gas, cylinder sizes are designated by letters of the alphabet: the later in the alphabet, the greater the volume of gas and the heavier the cylinder. For instance, G size cylinders are larger, heavier and contain more gas than D size cylinders.

LPG cylinders are generally designated according to their weight in kilograms, eg 45 kg. The addition of the abbreviation "FL" indicates it is suitable to be used to power forklift trucks.

The smallest size individual cylinder available from Coregas is C size and the largest is G size, but this varies depending on gas type. The most commonly used sizes are D-, E- and G-size.

IMPORTANT: Cylinder sizes and weights vary widely from cylinder to cylinder and depending on the gas type, volume they contain and fill pressure. It is therefore important to note that all dimensions and weights in the tables below are approximate values only. Weights are for when the cylinder is filled with gas. If filled with liquid, they will weigh more.

Industrial gas cylinders


APPROX. DIAMETER* (MM)230230177110
APPROX. HEIGHT* (MM)1580980 755 567
APPROX WEIGHT* (KG) 9044.520.5 6.1

LPG gas cylinders


APPROX. DIAMETER* (MM)374 311311
APPROX. HEIGHT* (MM)1264817 790
APPROX WEIGHT* (KG) 8538/3539/36

Acetylene gas cylinders


APPROX. HEIGHT* (MM)920870505
APPROX WEIGHT* (KG) 68.835.611.5

Cylinder packs

For gas usage that is larger in volume than single cylinders, the next size up is cylinder packs.

These consist of groups of 6, 12 or 14 cylinders housed in a specially-designed pallet and frame with the cylinders connected together with a manifold. This enables your application to draw gas from all the cylinders using only a single connection to the manifold.

Cylinder packs are a great way to reduce downtime from swapping cylinders over because you use the volume from all 6, 12 or 14 cylinders before needing to swap to a new pack.

Bulk supply and cryogenic liquids

For large volume users, there are multiple options available which store liquefied gas at cryogenic temperatures. Fourteen products are available in liquid format:

This liquid is converted to a gaseous state just prior to use and supplied in to your application or around your site via a reticulated pipeline system. If required, Coregas' experienced engineers can design, install and provide training on how to run a reticulation system customised for your application.

Available storage options include storage tanks in a range of sizes, from small vessels known as microbulk to huge bulk tanks capable of constant supply to the busiest of applications. Plus for gases such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide, we can supply mobile trailers of gas so no permanent installation is required.

Depending on your application and requirements, Coregas can deliver set volumes on a regular delivery schedule, deliver when you place an order or we can manage the complete process for you.

For more about bulk storage and equipment, download the Microbulk and Equipment brochure below or get in contact.


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