Nitrogen gas

The most abundant gas in earth’s atmosphere, nitrogen gas is supplied in several different purities to suit a huge range of applications, from blanketing and purging to chemical analysis

Coregas manufactures a full range of nitrogen gas products for general industrial use and for aviation, pharmaceutical and food industry applications. Nitrogen 3.0, which is 99.9% pure, is used for a wide range of applications, including tyre inflation, shrink fitting, heat treatment, IVF, cryogenics and as a purge gas in a variety of industrial processes. Nitrogen 4.0, which is 99.99% pure, is used for blanketing, purging, laser cutting, plasma cutting and sparging. Nitrogen food grade is used for controlled atmosphere storage, modified atmosphere packing (MAP), food freezing, chilling, grain fumigation and as a purge gas in the food industry.

We make laboratory-grade nitrogen gas too, meeting our specification of 99.999% nitrogen purity. This is suitable for LC-MS/MS and gas chromatography applications, as a nebuliser or carrier gas. The LC-MS/MS is a tool used to detect residual chemical compounds or other contaminants in both pharmaceutical and food, so a high standard of purity is critical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy nitrogen?

    Customers with an account can purchase direct delivery from Coregas, or through our national channel network. You can also purchase nitrogen through our service center partners. Click here for our store locator.

    Coregas account customers can choose their preferred method to place an order. Coregas offers online ordering via our website, or our New Zealand based customer service team as well as through email.

  • How is nitrogen stored?

    In common with other compressed gases, the cylinders in which it is stored may explode if exposed to very high temperatures that cause the gas pressure to rise beyond the level of which the cylinders are designed to handle. Accordingly, gaseous nitrogen cylinder tanks should be stored upright, in a well-ventilated storage area that is dry and cool.

  • How much is nitrogen gas?

    It depends on how much you order and the grade of nitrogen that you need. If you would like detailed pricing information for any grade of nitrogen gas that we manufacture and sell, please call and speak to us during business hours.

  • How long does a cylinder tank of nitrogen last?

    How long a tank of nitrogen gas lasts will depend on its size and pressure, as well as the usage rate of the equipment you need it for. If you have the usage rate figures to hand, we can calculate how long each tank size will last you.

  • Is nitrogen gas dangerous?

    Nitrogen is an inert gas and is non toxic. However, in the event of a leak, it could displace oxygen in the surrounding air to a level that could cause asphyxiation. Breathing in pure nitrogen is very dangerous and can render a person unconscious in just a couple of breaths. It’s also important to remember that cylinders of nitrogen are stored at high pressure, which means they can also present an explosion hazard.

  • What is the temperature of nitrogen gas?

    In its gaseous form, nitrogen will be cold to the touch. It can potentially cause cold burns and injuries as a result of the surrounding air pressure. Liquid nitrogen (LIN) will be -196˚C or lower (but above -210˚C, at which temperature nitrogen freezes).

  • Does nitrogen gas burn?

    As an inert gas, nitrogen is not combustible and will not burn under any ordinary circumstances.