Coregas Partners with Doosan Mobility Innovation to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Drones

Coregas is excited to announce that it will partner with Doosan. Working alongside their Mobility Innovations division, Coregas will produce and deliver hydrogen gas for use in Doosan’s fuel cell drones.

With more than a century of history, Doosan has been rapidly transforming itself for continuous growth over time. As one of Korea’s largest companies, Doosan is a leading player in fields such as fuel cells, power plants, desalination plants, construction and engineering.

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) is focused on the mobile applications of fuel cell technology, and is investing heavily in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications to enable reliable long-endurance flight.

Hydrogen is fast becoming a new energy source for drones and UAVs, particularly given the raft of benefits that it offers for long-endurance flights. Hydrogen fuel cells have a higher energy density than batteries, enabling flight times that are four to five longer than batteries—even with a payload of up to 5kg. Plus, hydrogen fuel cells are easy to use, and replace or refill.

These longer flight times are enabling DMI to undertake emergency deliveries to remote areas. For instance, one of DMI’s hydrogen-powered drones delivered 15,000 protective facemasks to residents of three remote Korean islands at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coregas, the only Australian-owned industrial gases company, has the expertise and technology to unlock the massive potential of hydrogen to make the world a greener place. With Australia’s largest merchant hydrogen plant in Port Kembla, Coregas is involved in many local initiatives driving forward the pursuit of hydrogen as an energy source.