World's first domestic hydrogen battery

It’s great to see Hydrogen energy production on the rise with the world's first domestic hydrogen battery developed by Australian company, LAVO™, working with the University of NSW. Coregas is proud to be the supplier of Hydrogen and other specialty gas for the UNSW.

The LAVO battery, which is about the size of a large fridge, can be hooked up to an existing array of solar panels. Inside it, electrolysers use that power to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The oxygen is vented and the hydrogen stored in a patented hydride - a fibrous metal alloy not dissimilar to iron-filings in appearance - in canisters inside the unit for use as needed.

Unlike other lithium batteries, it can also constantly recharge itself rather than waiting until it has been fully discharged.

Image and copy from Sydney Morning Herald. Read more here: