Coregas unveils artwork and mural

On Thursday the 6th of July, 2023, Coregas revealed an artwork and mural, "Fast Fish", done by former colleague Bree and her daughter Evelyn, that reimagines the Coregas logo and motto for NAIDOC Week 2023. 

'Nanan Guya' (meaning 'Fast Fish' in Wiradjuri) celebrates how leadership, teamwork, and collective effort creates momentum.

"The best results are when you pull together in the same direction as a team and I think that’s a part of what we’ve depicted here, regardless of the depth [of water], that the agility, leadership, culture and values, is what represents the success that Coregas has had and will continue to have."

As we continue to celebrate NAIDOC Week, Bree had this to say regarding her identity as a Wiradjuri woman and approach to her art:

"This year, ‘For our Elders’ is a really important topic around paying respect. For us, it’s about recognising the ones that come before us, whether it be my father or whether it be my grandfather, and some of the hardships they have gone through and really coming out the other side of that and celebrating our culture, reclaiming a lot of it, and moving forwards."

We have digitised this artwork and will be spreading it to our other branches, with the original artwork being homed at our WA branch in Jandakot.