Coregas showcases MARO

In an environment where it is crucial to have an uninterrupted laboratory gas supply, Coregas has recently undertaken a complete fit-out of a laboratory the size of a football field for one of Australia’s top commercial laboratories. On a daily basis, laboratories rely heavily on carrier gas for keeping instrumentation operating and using calibration gas mixtures to calibrate gas chromatograms (GC). Coregas was chosen to provide this installation work because of its attention to details and high-quality workmanship that need to be completed within a strict time frame.

The new state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary testing laboratory for Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Environment will be opening later this year and it provides a valuable service to drive world-class quality assurances.

As with any commercial laboratory, there were several considerations that need to be taken into account when designing and installing, including the type of gases used, the complexity during alignment with other utilities, safety, sustainability, and the desire to keep to the smallest environmental footprint possible. This is the first laboratory equipped with Coregas’ MARO System – a complete Manifold Automatic Re-Ordering system that provides a full stock management solution and a secured laboratory gas supply solution.


MARO system

There is a variety of gases used in this laboratory, including Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Instrument Air and Hydrogen. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of gases, an auto-changeover gas delivery system is used for all the compressed gas cylinders. The gas delivery system is connected to a telemetry unit which communicates back to Coregas via GSM when the primary gas supply empties to initiate a re-order delivery.

Before a replenishment cylinder is delivered, the gas delivery system automatically switches to the backup gas supply. The Coregas liquid Argon and liquid Nitrogen vessels are also equipped with their own telemetry unit that will initiate a top-up request to Coregas transport team when the re-ordering point is reached.

The Coregas telemetry system allows for remote monitoring of the laboratory’s gas management systems, providing real-time visibility of gas levels, consumption patterns and usage trends. This information can help customers optimise their laboratory efficiency and reduce wastage. Importantly, it also helps Coregas to quickly identify technical issues that may arise with the gas delivery system which require immediate rectification as soon as pressure anomalies are detected.

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With the expertise of Coregas’ engineering and technical teams, the laboratory gas installation was completed within 8 weeks during uncertain COVID lock down period. After the commissioning, a proper training is provided, and a well-documented user manual is handed to the customer.

“Our customer needed a gas delivery solution specifically developed and designed for commercial laboratory application that would not only do the job, but would bring efficiencies in management, usage and sustainability. Coregas has been hands-on throughout the entire process, offering their expertise and systems knowledge,” says Victor Chim, Market Manager Specialty Gases & Healthcare, Coregas.

“As well as having a new state of the art system, Coregas was able to deliver an ‘out of the box’ solution that offers gas delivery security and efficiency. This project has been truly satisfying from start to finish.”