Medical Oxygen Supply

Coregas supplies medical oxygen to the Australian market in bulk tankers and cylinders. We do not supply medical devices such as concentrators, or bulk oxygen production equipment.

Coregas is very concerned about the reports we are seeing on the COVID-19 situation in India. We are currently receiving many requests for quotes and information from Australia and overseas to supply medical oxygen and related equipment to India. The distances involved, and the need for refilling of cylinders and ISO containers, make it difficult for Australia to make a meaningful contribution, but we are trying to help as best we can.

To this end, we are in multiple discussions with several parties, including the Australian & Indian Governments, established Coregas partners, and internationally reputable organisations, to determine what support we can provide, and how best to focus our efforts to achieve the maximum impact.

Please note that given the level of interest we will not be able to satisfy most of the requests we are receiving. 

Relevant queries can be sent to [email protected]