LAVO completes demonstration installation at Coregas

Coregas has been making waves in hydrogen with a series of initiatives aimed at helping to build Australia’s hydrogen economy. In Adelaide, Coregas is using hydrogen technology to make our own energy usage more sustainable.

A challenge with renewable energy sources such as solar is that times of peak demand do not necessarily correspond to times of peak production. An option is to install batteries to store electricity for when it is needed. LAVO, a start-up with its origins in UNSW, has developed a hydrogen battery system that integrates with rooftop solar to store renewable energy in the form of hydrogen until it is needed. LAVO have installed the first of these units in Australia at the Coregas plant in Adelaide and have successfully completed a site validation and demonstration testing process. The installation allowed LAVO to effectively test, demonstrate and prove the concept of the Company’s innovative Hydrogen Energy Storage System (HESS).

Alan Yu, CEO and Executive Director, said: “The work done at Coregas represents an important milestone on the journey to commercialisation. Information and data obtained during the demonstration has moved us closer to receiving the necessary certifications and approvals from SafeWork SA in South Australia which will then allow for commercial installation and commissioning.”

“Our partnership with Coregas has been essential throughout the process, and we thank them for their cooperation and enthusiasm to support this initiative. The approval and certification process for new technologies isn’t always a straightforward process, but it is an essential one. LAVO will continue to undertake demonstration installation projects across Australia, using data outputs to enhance design and performance of the HESS and other long-term sustainable energy solutions.”

Alan Watkins, Coregas Executive General Manager, said: “Coregas is committed to doing our bit to help build Australia's sustainable economy. We are actively using our expertise to support the development of hydrogen as energy storage. We are delighted to work with LAVO to be the first Australian organisation to install their innovative hydrogen battery system."

The LAVO unit has been commissioned and is now working, as intended.