Coregas Partners with Haskel on Australia’s First Commercial Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Vehicle Refuelling Station

  • Coregas partners with Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group to supply Australia’s first commercial hydrogen-powered heavy vehicle refuelling station at Port Kembla.
  • The hydrogen refuelling facility will support low emission hydrogen fuel cell trucks in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region when it comes online in the first half of 2022.
  • Among the first vehicles to use the refuelling facility will be two Hyzon hydrogen powered prime movers purchased by Coregas.
  • The refuelling station represents a key building block for the development of the Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub.

Coregas, part of Wesfarmers Group and the only Australian-owned gases company, has purchased a refuelling station and dispenser from Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group for Australia’s first commercial, hydrogen-powered heavy vehicle refuelling station at Coregas’s hydrogen production facility at Port Kembla, New South Wales.

The hydrogen refuelling station, to be installed on the Bluescope Port Kembla site, will come online in 2022 and will be used to fill hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles, including Coregas’s own Hyzon Hymax-450 prime movers.

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles deliver an immediate 50% carbon emission reduction compared to the diesel trucks currently in use, and future use of biomethane or other source of renewable hydrogen further reduces these emissions to zero. Hydrogen powered vehicles emit only water vapour from the exhaust which also eliminates other harmful emissions from diesel vehicles including nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and fine particles.

“Coregas is actively supporting the development of Australia’s hydrogen economy and using hydrogen in the decarbonization of the transport sector is a key priority for us,” Coregas Executive General Manager Alan Watkins said. “We believe the shorter refuelling times, longer range, and higher payloads of hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles compared to equivalent battery electric vehicles means they will have a crucial role to play in making Australia’s transport sector sustainable.

“We are proud to be leading by example by operating our own Hyzon hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles from next year and expect strong interest from other organisations in accessing our hydrogen refuelling station in Port Kembla when it comes online.”

Access to hydrogen fuel and refuelling infrastructure are key enablers for the adoption of hydrogen as a zero-emission vehicle fuel alternative in the sector. Coregas’s hydrogen refuelling station at Port Kembla, supported by the New South Wales Government and part of the Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub, will initiate a transformation of the region’s transport environmental footprint by enabling the deployment of a fleet of hydrogen-powered prime mover vehicles in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region, which is primed to be an epicentre of the emerging hydrogen sector.

Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group will provide the hydrogen refuelling system to be used at the Port Kembla facility. The system will take hydrogen from the Coregas plant, compress it to 350 bar, and deliver it to a dispenser at the vehicle fuelling station 50 metres away.

Stephen Learney, Vice President and General Manager of Haskel, said: “Haskel are proud to be working with Coregas to support the adoption of hydrogen technology in Australia’s transport sector. We have worked with Coregas for many years through our local representation in Australia, and are pleased to be able to continue our partnership to collaborate on this truly ground-breaking project."