Coregas Designs and Installs First Auto-Fill Liquid Nitrogen System

Coregas recently designed and installed its first state-of-the-art auto-fill liquid nitrogen system.

Working closely with the client—a major Australian university—Coregas obtained a detailed understanding of their needs and objectives.

Liquid nitrogen is a shared resource at the university, accessed by multiple departments and users working within the building. This meant a streamlined cost allocation process that could be quickly and accurately reconciled at the end of each month was essential. In addition, space was at a premium; there was no possibility of installing individual liquid nitrogen vessels for each user.

Coregas custom designed, installed and commissioned a state-of-the-art system that integrates a wide variety of automation, alarms, data capture and reporting technologies. The system exceeded the client’s expectations.

Each department is allocated a specific log-in to activate the auto-fill system. This records their usage for the month, making cost allocation a breeze.

The filling system is just as unique. With the user standing at a safe distance, the liquid nitrogen flasks are filled automatically. To ensure the system is foolproof, in-built thermocouples cut off the liquid nitrogen supply if any abnormalities are detected, including overfill or overflow.

All nitrogen gas is safely channelled outside via vents. Low oxygen levels are monitored, with an alarm sounding and liquid nitrogen supply automatically cut off in the event of a problem.