Coregas Improving Patient Care as it Expands Across Western Australia

Coregas is expanding its footprint in the Western Australia medical market, commencing supply of medical gases to Nexus Hospitals’ Southbank Day Surgery in Perth.

With the Western Australia gas market traditionally a duopoly, Coregas is proud to offer the local hospital network an alternative for its managed medical gas supply services.

According to Tarun Changrani (National Sales Manager, Coregas), “The installation and supply of medical gases to Nexus Hospitals represents a major step forward in the Western Australia market for Coregas in terms of our footprint and the client base.”

“With installation complete and supply of medical oxygen, air and nitrous oxide commenced at the Southbank Day Surgery, Coregas is excited to have an increased presence in the Western Australia healthcare industry. Hospitals along the west coast now have more choice when it comes to their gas supplies and, therefore, more opportunity to deliver the absolute best in patient care.”

“When collaborating with healthcare providers, such as Nexus hospitals, Coregas focuses on reducing their administrative workload, health and safety risks, and financial burden. This way, healthcare providers can concentrate on what really matters: providing patient care.”

“Coregas understands that hospitals need to provide quality healthcare for patients in a safe and cost-effective manner. To help achieve this goal, we make managing and using gases easier and safer by providing superior quality products, backed by reliable service,” said Changrani.

Lucia Abberton from Southbank Day Surgery said the Coregas team worked with them closely to ensure the gas distribution panel upgrade was completed with minimal disruption to their facility. “Every query was met with a quick response and all our questions were solved seamlessly.”

“The remote monitoring and ordering of gases has simplified our ordering process. Manual handling of gas cylinders by our staff has greatly reduced. The redesign has given us more room space, and the cost savings to the business have been considerable.”

In working with Southbank Day Surgery, Coregas’ scope of work included extending their existing manifolds to minimise the manual handling undertaken by Southbank Day Surgery staff and provide a greater supply capacity.

Coregas reduced the inherent Workplace Health and Safety risks associated with manoeuvring large cylinders and enabled clinical staff to focus on their primary role of patient care.

Coregas smart metering technology on the manifolded supply of medical oxygen, air and nitrous oxide continuously monitor supply levels. This has streamlined hospital processes, enabling the hospital to access critical level alerts and utilise automatic replenishment for optimum stock levels.

Coregas commenced supply of medical gases to Western Australia’s healthcare industry just three years ago and has experienced rapid growth since. Coregas won major supplier status with HealthShare NSW last year and counts several other major national hospital networks among its client list.