Coregas and Blackwoods are roaring into the fast lane

Coregas along with our friends at Blackwoods are roaring into the fast lane with 2016 Adelaide 500 winner Nick Percat and the Brad Jones Racing team.

The first of many race rounds is the Adelaide 500, taking place in front of an outstanding 200,000+ crowd that attends the event every year.

Coregas will play a vital role in supplying dry ice and nitrogen. Temperatures can reach up to scorching 60+ degrees inside the race car, dry ice will ensure that Nick’s race suit stays cool throughout his time on the track. Nitrogen will be used for tyre inflation and pneumatics for the pit stops. Coregas aims to deliver the optimal amount of gas to shave all important time off each pit stop.

Coregas and Blackwoods prepare to hit the track at the Adelaide 500