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Marine emissions monitoring calibration gases

Shipping operators are required to measure and control emissions of SO2 and NOx. NDIR and NDUV instrumentation is used and these analysers require test and zero gases.

Modern ships are fitted with increasingly sophisticated emissions reduction technologies along with the associated process control and CEMS instrumentation for process control and validation.

Typical test gas mixtures for FGD scrubbers for SO2 knock down include:

  • Inlet                1000 ppm SO2 balance nitrogen
  • Outlet          200 ppm SO2 balance nitrogen
  • Zero gas           Nitrogen 5.0 grade

Typical test gas mixtures for SCR units for NOx reduction include:

  • Inlet   1000 ppm NOx balance nitrogen
  • Outlet             100 ppm NOx balance nitrogen
  • Ammonia slip   50 ppm NH3 balance nitrogen
  • Zero gas           Nitrogen 5.0 grade

Additional test gases to support combustion process control and standardise the above measurements:

  • Oxygen          8% balance nitrogen
  • CO2                 15% balance nitrogen
  • CO                   2000 ppm balance nitrogen
  • NO2      500 ppm balance nitrogen
  • Methane           1% balance nitrogen