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Sulphur Hexafluoride 3.0

SF6 is an inert and high density gas.


Sulphur hexafluoride has found many industrial application utilising its extreme non-conductivity and high density properties. For instance, switch gears can be made smaller than using air as an insulating gas.


  • Insulator in circuit breakers and switch gears
  • In glass double glazing for heat and sound insulation
  • Leak detection
  • Tracer gas for testing geosequestration effectiveness
Product Summary

Gas composition

  • Sulphur hexafluoride ≥ 99.9%


Moisture ≤ 10 ppm
Air ≤ 500 ppm
Tetrafluoromethane ≤ 500 ppm
Oil ≤ 10 ppm
Total hydrolysable fluorides ≤ 1 ppm
Acidity (as HF) ≤ 0.3 ppm

Available sizes


Size Product code Volume Weight (full)* Pressure Outlet connection Availability Cert. of conformance
D 372110 10 kg 2,100 kPa Type 31 New Zealand wide Download
E 372122 24 kg 2,100 kPa Type 31 New Zealand wide Download
G 372151 50kg 2,100 kPa Type 31 New Zealand wide Download
Additional Details

Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Odour Flammability
AppearanceColourless gas OdourOdourless FlammabilityNon flammable

UN number


Hazard class


Hazard symbol (GHS)

  • Non-flammable non-toxic gas 2.2