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Hydrogen Chloride 2.8

Hydrogen chloride is widely used in many industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, petrochemical and many others.


Hydrogen chloride is used in gaseous or liquid form in applications as diverse as remove fibres from cotton seeds, regenerating catalysts and the synthesis and production of hard metals.


  • Removal of the remaining fibres from cotton seeds
  • Regeneration of catalysts in the petrochemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical synthesis and production of hard metals
  • High purity hydrogen chloride is widely used in the electronics industry in many applications e.g. etching, scouring furnaces, cleaning
Product Summary

Gas composition

  • Hydrogen chloride ≥ 99.9%


Moisture ≤ 10 ppm
Chlorinated hydrocarbons ≤ 10 ppm
Chlorine ≤ 10 ppm
Inert gases ≤ 1000 ppm

Compressed gas sizes

UN number: 1050

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Size Product code Volume Weight (full)* Pressure Outlet connection Availability Cert. of conformance
G 489169 50 kg 130 kg 4,260 kPa DIN 8 New Zealand wide Download
Additional Details

Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Odour
AppearanceColourless liquidified gas that forms white fumes in humid air OdourPungent odour

Hazard class

2.3, 8

Hazard symbol (GHS)

  • Toxic gas 2.3
  • Corrosive 8