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Portable calibration gas mixtures

Compact and lightweight, portable cylinders are a convenient option for taking calibration gas mixtures to remote locations such as fixed gas detection systems and smoke stacks

At Coregas, we believe in a sustainable approach to doing business. That is why our portable range of calibration gas cylinders come with a full return service offer, so you have no issues disposing of them after use.

We offer a wide range of CEMS calibration gas mixtures and gas detection calibration gases in our ultra-portable calibration gas cylinders. Each gas mixture is available in our 100 or 116 litre sizes for extended usage life. The product shelf life varies according to the reactivity of the gas mixture, but for the majority of products we guarantee two or three years of flat line stability in the gas composition.

Speed is often of utmost important for delivery of portable cylinders, so we stock the most popular products for dispatch within only a few days of receiving your order. Additional products can be made to order and will take just a little longer to prepare for you. But rest assured, we have the most sophisticated facility in Australia for the preparation of these mixtures and we will always go the extra mile to give you speedy and reliable service.

Example products


Product codeDescriptionSize / litresShelf life / years
491834Air Zero THC < 1ppm1003
492318Nitrogen 99.999%1003
492322Quad gas mix582
492345Quad gas mix1162
492413H₂S 25 ppm, N₂ Bal1162
492431SO₂ 10 ppm, N₂ Bal1161.5
493409CO 50 ppm, N₂ Bal1003
493509NH₃ 40 ppm, N₂ Bal1162
494229Propane 50% LEL in Air1003
494230Methane 50% LEL in Air1003
494233CO₂ 1000 ppm in Air1003

Both quad gas mixtures above (for gas detector calibration) contain:

  • H2S 25 ppm, CO 100 ppm, CH4 2.5% (50% LEL), O2 18%, N2 Balance

Gas control equipment and accessories

  • 495362 Regulator demand flow inlet 1000 Psi
  • 495712 Regulator 0.5 Lpm
  • 495749 Calibration