Blood gas analyser calibration gases

Blood gas analysers require calibration with specialty gas mixtures. These devices are used for medical diagnostics.

Typical blood gas analyser calibration gas mixture compositions

Two-gas mixtures:

  • 5% Carbon Dioxide, balance Nitrogen
  • 10% Carbon Dioxide, balance Nitrogen

Three-gas mixtures:

  • 5% Carbon Dioxide, 12% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen
  • 5% Carbon Dioxide, 20% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen
  • 7% Carbon Dioxide, 7% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen
  • 10% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen
  • 12% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen

The two last products in the list of three-gas mixtures are also known as:

  • 10% Carbon Dioxide, balance Air
  • 12% Carbon Dioxide, balance Air

The exact requirement for the calibration gas mixtures will depend on the device being used and the types of test being conducted. It is common to use two or three calibration gas mixtures to create a calibration curve for the instrument. Some quality standards will require calibration of the instrument before and after measurement. Other quality systems will rely on calibration once per day or once per shift.