New cylinder management app

Cylinder Asset Management (CAM) app

CAM is our new asset management app, designed to simplify managing your fleet of Coregas gas cylinders, even across multiple storage locations, different gases and different size cylinders.

It is essentially a completely new app because it has been rewritten from the ground up to make it faster, simpler and more reliable.

CAM enables you to:

  • Set up and manage multiple storage locations at multiple sites
  • Quickly scan cylinder barcodes to assign them to storage locations, move them to a different location or designate them as full or empty
  • Enter barcodes and serial numbers manually if you prefer
  • Select whether to view a full scanning history or just the last few days - up to a maximum of 7 days
  • Request a detailed cost centre report of current cylinder balances, which will be emailed to you as an Excel file

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Visit our Mobile apps page to download or to find out more about how our apps help you manage not only your cylinder fleet, but also your online account too.