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  • Argon

    Argon is an inert gas and is universal welding product that is ideal for Tig and Mig welding, gas purging, and scientific equipment testing applications.

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen is a gas and is used with Acetylene for welding, cutting and localised heating. Oxygen gas supports combustion and should always be stored away from flammable products and oil and grease.

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen is an inert gas and has many uses such as gas purging, food packaging, winemaking, air tools, air conditioning and scientific equipment testing applications.

  • Carbon Dioxide

    CO2 is an inert gas and is one of the most versatile gases, it has many uses for example beer and soft drink dispensing, gas purging, food packaging, welding, fire fighting, and scientific equipment testing applications.

  • Balloon Gas

    Balloon Gas is an inert gas (Helium) is used for inflating balloons. Good quality balloons will last approximately 12 hours and six hours on a hot day over 25°C.

  • Acetylene

    Acetylene is a highly flammable gas. Acetylene cylinders are filled with a porous material which carries the liquid acetone. However, this liquid converts to gas when it is released from the cylinder. Acetylene cylinders are used for fuelling gas or OXY-Acetylene welding, cutting, localised heating and flame hardening.

  • Shield Mixes

    Shielding gases for Mig welding and used for over a wide range of steel thicknesses.

  • Speciality Gases

    A variety of specialised gas mixes such as Alu and Stain Shield gases and laser mixes.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid Carbon Dioxide and unlike ice (water) converts directly from solid to gas. Temperature of Dry Ice is -79°. Dry ice has about double the refrigeration capacity of ice (water) by weight. It lasts longer and is ideal for portable coolers. Dry Ice comes in Pellets, Blocks and Slices.

  • Pellets

  • Blocks

  • Slices